Bluebirds Feasting in my Garden

Eastern Bluebird

Eastern Bluebird

I’m spoiled; I admit it!  After the wonderful warm fall we’ve had, and two birding trips in October to both East and West coasts, birding in the cold with all the “good” birds flown south has had me depressed. Looking out the kitchen while doing dishes today, I saw a sight for sore eyes.  Beautiful Bluebirds were feasting on the red berries of our little Winterberry shrub in the flower garden.  There was no way to sneak outside to get close pictures without scaring them away, so I snapped these photos from the kitchen window.   These birds really put a smile on my face today!

Eastern Bluebird


Eastern Bluebird


Eastern Bluebird


Eastern Bluebird

Lauren Shaffer

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  • Lucy

    Any day you see a blue bird, is a good day. What bush is this one? Looks like they want these berries.

    • Lauri Shaffer

      Lucy, it’s called a Nine Bark, native to PA. When I bought it, I didn’t know you needed a male and a female tree. This year it flowered and got berries for the first time, so someone else nearby possibly has one of these trees too. They can grow quite large and sprawly, so give them plenty of room to grow if you buy them! A mockingbird was enjoying the berries this week too.

      Ooops, Lucy, I stand corrected. It was labeled as Nine Bark, and I assumed it was ever since, but several people have told me that it looks like Winterberry. Actually, I’m so happy to have those beautiful red berries, that I don’t mind that it’s not Nine Bark. I corrected the post, and will also correct the Audubon FB pages, too.

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