A Dog and his Deer: Best Buds

Dog and Fawn

We’ve all seen commercials and videos recently of interesting animal buddies, but today was the first time I witnessed a doggie/deer combo myself. Although I frequent this back road often, looking for birds, I’ve never seen a dog running around loose. And this one was accompanied by a young deer. They sauntered down the middle […]

Black-tailed Rattlesnake

Black-tailed Rattlesnake

According to an article on Black-tailed Rattlesnakes, this venomous snake packs a punch and “is capable of delivering large amounts of potent venom.  If encountered, it should be left alone.  A large percentage of envenomations occur when a snake is handled or abused.” While on a birding trip to Cave Creek Canyon in Arizona last […]

Mink at Lake Chillisquaque

Last week while hoping for shorebirds at Montour Preserve, and watching for anything that moves from the kayak, I spotted this long, thin, chocolate-brown creature.  I’ve seen them on the other side of the preserve before where very few people walk the trails, but never out in the open with people walking the path 5 […]

Coyote Pups

Across the field from where I was birding with friends was an animal that we thought was a deer at first.  Putting bins on it, we realized we were seeing an adult coyote running along the woods with a young pup running behind.  I know that the farmers in our area would not be happy […]