Wilson’s Snipe

Wilson’s Snipe are short, stocky shorebirds that use their long, thick bills to probe for earthworms and other invertebrates in the mud. With the two feet of snow dumped on our area this week, the Wilson’s Snipe congregated in two small spring-fed open places in the field near my house as well as the ditch along the […]


The Sunbittern was our target bird in Costa Rica with hopes of being able to photograph it in its spectacular display. When our guide had us pull up to a place on the river and we jumped out, immediately a Sunbittern was spotted flying in to pirate the fish held by an Amazon Kingfisher. The fish was dropped […]

Cranberry Bog

Pitcher plants and cranberries are not always found at Northern Pennsylvania bogs, but we found both at a bog we visited today in mid-November. Walking through the bog was slow going, with spongy vegetation making for uncertain footing and unexpected dips into deeper water; our boots sometimes almost being sucked off our feet as we […]


Killdeer are shorebirds that have the ability to melt into the landscape when feeding in a mowed field, but when disturbed they show their colors! They have a bright rufous rump and tail, with white racing stripes along the open wing and the corners of the tail. They scream their own name when upset, “Killdeer, […]

Yellow Warbler

The Yellow Warbler is found across the entire United States singing the “Sweet, sweet, sweet; I’m so sweet!” song from the tops of shrubs and small trees. The male is a buttery-yellow color with rufous streaking on the breast. The female and immatures are a duller yellow without streaking. They are easily seen from the […]