A Dog and his Deer: Best Buds

Dog and Fawn

We’ve all seen commercials and videos recently of interesting animal buddies, but today was the first time I witnessed a doggie/deer combo myself. Although I frequent this back road often, looking for birds, I’ve never seen a dog running around loose. And this one was accompanied by a young deer. They sauntered down the middle […]

Damselfly party!

Bluet Damselfly Wheel

After the storm yesterday, I noticed a few hazy patches of vegetation in the water, maybe 25 feet out from shore.  A photograph with a long lens showed what was making the hazy movements.  There were hundreds of damselflies, most in tandem, busily laying their eggs in the vegetation!  These are mostly Powdered Dancers, with […]

Black-tailed Rattlesnake

Black-tailed Rattlesnake

According to an article on Black-tailed Rattlesnakes, this venomous snake packs a punch and “is capable of delivering large amounts of potent venom.  If encountered, it should be left alone.  A large percentage of envenomations occur when a snake is handled or abused.” While on a birding trip to Cave Creek Canyon in Arizona last […]