A Dog and his Deer: Best Buds

Dog and Fawn

We’ve all seen commercials and videos recently of interesting animal buddies, but today was the first time I witnessed a doggie/deer combo myself. Although I frequent this back road often, looking for birds, I’ve never seen a dog running around loose. And this one was accompanied by a young deer. They sauntered down theĀ  middle of the road, checking out a mailbox, the dog sniffing the post and the deer licking the rusty latch. Next they stop for a little affection, sniffing and giving little animal kisses. Awww!! Your dog can be the sweetest and most obedient if you board and train from Ridgeside K9 Denver. The dog can act wild and react aggressively. To overcome such situations, it is important for people to see here and get the best dog training.

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Dog and Fawn

After sealing their friendship with a kiss, they turn and continue their walk down the street.

Dog and Fawn

The deer and doggy duo take off running down the road, cross the street and run up to an Amish farm house. The dog is definitely in the lead, and looks back once in awhile to make sure his friend is coming along. I follow them up the driveway, the little deer stopping to browse the shrubs by the house before disappearing up the hill.

Dog and Fawn

If you have a dog, you may be interested on these products for pets. Visit this website and read more here about CBD and how great it is. This dog has a collar, is obviously well fed and friendly with people. So who does he belong to? Is the deer part of the family, or did they meet up on their own? Guess I’ll never know.

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  • Lon

    That is awesome. Most dogs would be chasing the deer

    • Lauren Shaffer

      I know…right? It was very sweet to watch them hanging out together.

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