Macro Photography in Costa Rica

Macro Poison dart frog

Poison Dart frogs, strange-looking insects, and exotic fungus and flowers were the subject of our macro shoot in Costa Rica. We were with a wonderful Road Scholar group led by John Hendrickson, a professional photographer, on Nature Photography in Costa Rica. The subject this day was macro, with and without fill flash. Sometimes our subject leaped off the props, but overall, we were pleased with the results!

Poison dart frog

Same photo as the first one, but uncropped. I like this one, as it shows the size of the tiny frog. This macro shot was taken in Manual mode with a Canon 7D, Canon 24-105mm L lens, f8, ISO-400, with fill flash.

Blue Jean frog

The ultimate macro shot: a Blue Jean frog posed on some beautiful fungus. Guess how long it stayed there? (Not long!)


This odd-looking insect is a kind of cricket. It was about 3 inches long! Earlier in the day, our naturalist guide went looking under leaves and on flowers for our subjects. He cooled them down and placed them in hopefully pleasing positions. Of course they didn’t want to stay there! This cricket is standing on one leg, but no one wanted to touch him!

Flower and bug

After our photo shoot, we all went looking for more natural subjects. I liked the beautiful coloring of the flower, the ant, and the water droplet in this photo.

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  • Steve Scordino

    Beautiful photography. Your eBird profile says you got into photography just 10 years ago which makes these shots even more amazing.

    I accessed this page from eBird because I wanted to ask about your experience at Rancho Naturalista. I want to hire a guide as a wedding gift to my brother and his wife while they are in Rancho Naturalista. Did you use a guide while you were there? Do you have any recommendations?

    • Lauren Shaffer

      Hi, Steve! All three guides at Rancho were great, but with different personalities. Harry is British and will give a running commentary like an encyclopedia on birds. He’s amazing! Luis was great too, and knew where to find the birds but without the commentary. We didn’t have Mercedes, but she seemed very knowledgeable, sweet, and soft spoken. She got very excited over seeing some good birds with people she took birding. Fees were so reasonable, and could be split with another couple, that we hired them three mornings in a row, and saw more birds with them, than any other place we visited. You really can’t go wrong with any of the guides there. That’s a wonderful wedding gift for them! Hope they have a great experience!

      Thanks for your nice comments!

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