Golden-crowned Kinglet–little balls of fluff with attitude

Golden-crowned Kinglet

Golden-crowned Kinglet


This tiny little ball of energy (only 4″ long!) doesn’t like to hold still long enough to have its picture taken! ¬†Unlike the Ruby-crowned who rarely shows any color on its crown, the golden stripe is always present on this bird. ¬†And when it’s REALLY upset, it raises his crown and shows a bright orange.


Golden-crowned Kinglet


Golden-crowned Kinglet


Golden-crowned Kinglet

Lauren Shaffer

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  • Connie Smiley

    What a sweet little bird (except when it’s angry, of course!). You must have nimble fingers to capture all those delightful poses.

    • Lauri Shaffer

      Thanks, Connie! Actually, I would love to get a photo close up of this bird when it’s upset. Just like the last picture in this blog, it raises that crest to bright orange. I had heard two kinglets fussing at each other at the top of a tall tree, and snapped a few fuzzy pics, but I’ve never been able to capture that in detail.

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