Bird of the Day: Green Heron

Green heron

After getting so many interesting and beautiful photos, that I can’t seem to keep up with my blog, I’ve decided to do some of my posts as “Bird of the Day” with very little commentary. Hope you enjoy the pictures, and hopefully more frequent posts! These photos of the Green Heron were from the kayak at Rose Valley Lake in PA this morning.

Green heron

Getting hungry! Oh, there’s a little fishy!

Green heron

Darn!! Missed again! That makes me SO MAD!!

Green heron

Come on, shake it off!! You can do this!

Green heron

OK, let’s try this again!

Green heron

I know it’s not good to be anthropomorphic, meaning to ascribe human qualities to animals, but sometimes it’s fun to imagine what a bird like this Green Heron feels when it loses its catch, and then gives itself a good shake! If you enjoyed this new approach, then please leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

Lauren Shaffer

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  • Lon Sholly

    I love it Lauri. Give those birds some thoughts.

  • brighamstephen

    What I like about these shots is the low level angle you get from your kayak.

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