Birds of Prey

This morning in my wanderings, I observed several birds of prey and a very large crow, being harassed by blackbirds.  And for good reason!  They are all trying to feed their ravenous nestlings, sometimes with the adults or nestlings of other species! The owner of a new wetland in my area took me around on his […]

Lake-side Warbler Babies

Juvenile male Common Yellowthroat

Young Swallows and Phoebes were not the only babies seen the other morning by kayak.  Young warbler families were also active along the lakeside at Montour Preserve.  There were several Common Yellowthroat families skulking in the vines and dogwood by the water, very upset that I was invading their territory.  Yellow warblers also abounded, and two […]

Coyote Pups

Across the field from where I was birding with friends was an animal that we thought was a deer at first.  Putting bins on it, we realized we were seeing an adult coyote running along the woods with a young pup running behind.  I know that the farmers in our area would not be happy […]

Baltimore Oriole Nest

Baltimore Orioles have been busy in the neighborhood!  They’ve stopped coming to the deck for oranges and have dispersed to other places busily weaving their nests and tending their babies.  They like to use long plant fibers, some of which they strip from the old dead plants such as milk weed and other weeds.  Their […]