Winter Birding

Ring-necked Pheasant

The sun finally came out this morning in rural Central Pa, so I braved the crazy 4 degrees with ear muffs, hand warmers, gloves, heavy coat and boots, and went birding! For four hours!! With the bright snow and the intense sunlight, I was less than happy with the umpteen pictures I took, but it […]

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk

    Identification of the Red-Tailed Hawk Red-tails are easily seen from the highway, perched in trees, telephone poles or even wires, and sometimes soaring in the air with their rufous-colored tail shining brightly in the sun.  When perched, their bright white breast glows, and a belly band of dark streaks is usually visible.  Their […]

Birds of Prey

This morning in my wanderings, I observed several birds of prey and a very large crow, being harassed by blackbirds.  And for good reason!  They are all trying to feed their ravenous nestlings, sometimes with the adults or nestlings of other species! The owner of a new wetland in my area took me around on his […]