Beautiful Blue-Headed Vireos

Blue-headed Vireo
Blue-headed Vireo

Handsome fellow!

It was a blue kind of day–Blue-headed Vireo day, that is!  These little guys were everywhere it seemed, and not too shy either.  I would welcome comments on the immature bird below, as Sibley has no picture of a streaked young bird.  I’m assuming it’s newly fledged.  It’s feathers look rather wet or oily.

Immature Blue-headed Vireo

Immature Blue-Headed Vireo

Blue-headed Vireo

These dogwood berries were no problem for the Towhees who were gobbling them up, but the little vireo ended up dropping his.

Blue-headed Vireo

Blue-headed Vireo

In your face! I had to back up to take these last two pictures. They are uncropped!

Lauren Shaffer

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  • judysbirds

    What beautiful shots!! I’m trying to get the kind of crispness and clarity you have in your shots when I take photos of small, quick birds like the vireos, warblers, wrens, etc. Any hints for a beginning photographer? Smile.

    • blackburnian7

      Judy, what kind of camera and lens are you using? That has made all the difference for me. I use a Canon 7D with a fixed 400mm lens, but I worked up to it using the cheaper Sony. I think the experience of quickly finding the bird by noting a landmark branch, etc., helped. Also, having a camera with a good viewfinder helps. It’s good to use spot focusing, keep the sun at your back if possible, be quick on the draw, and also I like to play the song of any warbler. The birds are curious and come in for a closer look. It doesn’t stress them, because it’s not an alarm call or the call of an enemy. They just want to find out who is singing in the fall! Hope this helps! It’s certainly addictive, and fun to watch your photos get better and better with experience!

      • judysbirds

        Thanks for your feedback and encouragement! I have a Nikon 3200, and a 300mm zoom lens. I always thought of myself as a patient person. The birds are certainly teaching me whole new lessons in patience. Smile. I’m having a blast with this, and I certainly enjoy learning from folks like you whose photographs have so much to teach!!

  • baxterbent

    Oh wow… Those last two. Patience rewarded for sure.

    • blackburnian7

      Thanks, Dan! I actually had to take a step back because the bird was too close to focus!

  • Jim Flowers

    Lovely Images and a “fun’ read Lauren!! One of my favorite Vireo’s too!

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