Canada Goose on the Attack

Canada goose

Canada goose

Two lovely Canada Geese are peacefully swimming on the still waters of Lake Chillisquaque,

Canada goose

when out of nowhere comes the Evil One who flies in, making his presence known with great squawks and tongue protruding.  He is announcing to all that this is his territory and others are not welcome here.

IMG_9559e copy

That show of offense didn’t dislodge his intruder, so he gets in his face and squawks loudly and attempts to use force.  He drives at him this way…

Canada goose

and that way…


finally exploding off the water towards him…

IMG_9580 e copy

Continuing the chase in the air. Watch out for that beak!


When Spring is in the air, one can expect to hear sweet singing of birds with the purpose of attracting a mate and establishing territories; but the rise in hormones also brings out the aggressiveness of birds.  Cardinals, House Sparrows, and Robins often fight with each other viciously, but this is the first time I’ve noticed Canada Geese acting so territorial.

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