Fighting Turkeys!

Fighting turkeys
Fighting turkeys

Let’s just see who’s boss around here!

Yesterday, late afternoon, I came upon a curious sight of two young male turkeys having a shoving match.  They had locked beaks on each other and were pushing each other forwards and back.  Then I spotted another pair doing the same thing further down the road.  About 40 turkeys were further down the road on the other side.  Perhaps they were females?  A neighbor stopped to see what I was looking at.  He explained that the young jakes were about 2 years old and were trying to establish dominance before breeding season.  Mid-January is rather early for this behavior, according to my hunting friends.   Although I was greatly entertained, the fight seemed rather brutal, like two boxers duking it out, trying to take each other’s heads off!  Check out the video below for what this strange behavior looked like.



Fighting turkeys

I’m gonna twist your head off!


Fighting turkeys

You can cry “turkey!” now!


Fighting turkeys

Ha! Serves you right!


Fighting turkeys

See!!  Told you!



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  • Lucy

    Thank was amazing ..never knew that about turkeys.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Lauren Shaffer

      I never knew about it either till I saw it firsthand. We have turkeys come through the woods behind us and I had never seen this behavior before. It was bizarre!

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