Whimbrels at Spanish Bay, CA


Whimbrel–17 1/2″, striped crown, bill about half the length of the bird


On our first full day in California, my husband and I put birding aside to do some sightseeing. We went on the 17-mile-drive through Pebble Beach with its famous golf courses and neighborhoods where the houses along the coast cost a gazillion dollars.  Although the windy roads were scenic and enjoyable, our favorite stop was #4, Spanish Bay, at low tide.  Among the mounds of debris washed up on the shore were birds picking and probing the sand for goodies.  Several of them were Whimbrels, large shorebirds with long curved beaks, reddish-pink and black in color.  They use these bills more for picking up their food than for probing deep in the sand like the godwits.



Getting his feathers ruffled



Getting sleepy



Getting sleepier







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