Whoooooo’s there??

Eastern Bluebirds
Eastern Bluebirds

Enemy alert!!

Early this morning I heard  a gang of Blue jays carrying on right outside the back of the house.  It only lasted a minute, and then the Bluebirds and Nuthatches took over, making alarm calls like I’ve never heard before.  We have 4 Screech Owl boxes put up around our house in the woods.  The owls have nested only once, but sometimes they will roost in one of the boxes during the winter.  Looking outside, I could see several very upset bluebirds flying around the box, looking inside, even perching at the hole of the box and peering in.  Then the White-breasted Nuthatches got in on the act, scolding and fussing around the opening.  Later in the day when the little Screech Owls often want to catch the warmth of the sun, I looked out, and sure enough, there he was sitting in the opening of the box, as if to say, “What was all the fuss about?”

Eastern Bluebird

Just checkin’

Eastern Bluebirds

See anything?

Eastern Bluebird and Nuthatch

Is he still in there?

Eastern Bluebird

Yep! He’s there all right!

Eastern Screech Owl

Whoooo’s there?

Eastern Screech Owl

What’s all the ruckus about?

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